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"The bass are just itchin to get at 'um!"

33 years!

WOW!  Thirty-three years of jig making!  One of the things I’ve learned in the last 3 decades is that both largemouth and smallmouth bass like them and there are more than one style that works. 

I tie my jigs on a number of different heads and hook styles.  Hopefully, one that suits your needs. I’ve included a technique and my reasoning for most applications.  If you have any questions that I haven’t addressed, please call me.  During the winter season, I have time to handle any special requests you may have.  I pour, paint, tie and ship all of the jigs you see on my website!  There is no middleman, so this keeps my prices reasonable.  My suggestion is to try a few, compare the action, quality and price and go from there.  I have been fortunate enough to win both a Ranger boat and a Triton boat, but without any reservations – decided to keep my Skeeter.

So, welcome to MTO Lures!  Founder, Bill Alexander has been fishing competitively since 1981, but started fishing with his father as soon as he could hold a rod.  In 1994, Bill took 1st place in the amateur division of the Connecticut River Bassmasters sharing the stage with the winner of the pro division, legendary Roland Martin.  Bill also finished 3rd as an amateur in the 1997 Vermont Top 100 and 2nd in the 2004 New York CITGO Bassmaster.  Bill has proudly represented New York State by qualifying as a team member of the New York BASS Chapter Federation’s Divisional Team on fifteen different occasions, and as the top angler in the Eastern Divisional, Bill traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in May of 2003 in search of a Classic berth for our New York Federation.  In 2003, Bill was recognized for his accomplishments and contributions to outdoor sports and inducted to the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame.

This website is dedicated to sharing the knowledge, the presentation as well as the opportunity to own the jigs that Bill has used and “tuned” over the years in competition.  Many of these lures helped him reach his professional achievements, as well as the pleasurable catches Bill has experienced on the water while relaxing with his family and friends.

All MTO Lures are custom-crafted and Made-To-Order, beginning with the jig heads which are poured, painted and tied by me.  There are no middlemen or fancy packaging involved which allows me to maintain reasonable pricing.  I use Mustad Black-nickel Ultra-Point or Matzuo hooks. Their points hold up real well and they retain their sharpness longer than others.  Each jig gets two coats of epoxy paint, the weed-guards are pre-trimmed and are matched specifically to each jig head size and weight, from 45 to 15 strands.  Each body is hand-tied for durability and the skirts do not slide up or off especially when you try “skipping” your lure under docks.  Rattle straps are attached to each Mutant Flea and Mutant Flea Jr., so that you can attach or remove your rattle whenever you elect to do so.  In closing, I have poured over 33 years of knowledge and experience into pleasing my best customer … me!  

If your passion is “jig fishing”, I think you will enjoy what I have to offer.  Attached are my jigs, and a few tips that I’ve picked up over the past 31 years of angling.  First of all, many people ask me “why the funny names?”  Well, the best answer I have is, that its “FUN”.  The other reason is that I’ve spent way too much time in the sun!   My first tip is, that no tackle box should be without Berkley Angler’s Super Glue.  Great for emergencies of all types.  Outstanding for securing super-line knots, or adhering soft baits to jighead’s or hooks.  Bonds in seconds.  Superior strength.  5 gram, no clog precision applicator and normally runs around $5.50 online and at most retail tackle outlets.

On-Site Shopping -  If you find yourself traveling on the east side of Oneida Lake in Sylvan Beach, please stop in and check out my MTO lure assortments in the Nice N’ Easy store at 1508 Main Street … OR the Nice N’ Easy store in Brewerton at 5565 Bartell Road, right next to Route 81, use exit 31.  MTO lure assortments are also available at the Nice N’ Easy store in Cicero, at 6406 NY-31, Cicero, NY 13039 and on the North Shore of Oneida Lake in the Nice N’ Easy store in Constantia at 1411 NY State Route 49, Constantia, NY 13044.

If you’re in the Town of Vienna, try the Y-Hill Express, at the intersection of State Rte 49 & State Rte 13 … or iyou’re in the Homer, NY area, visit Forest Fisheries at 68 North West Street … or if you are in the North Syracuse area, stop in to Mickey’s Bait & Tackle at 715 South Bay Road.

Look for more “On-Site Shop” openings soon!


COMING SOON IS A PHOTO OF MY NEW “PURE WHITE” PREACHER’S JIG in (1/2 oz with 6/0 Black Nickel MATZUO Hook) and (3/8 oz with 5/0 Black Nickel MATZUO Hook).

 Check below for jig head styles for all you walleye & lake trout anglers. 

Walleye Jigs

                   FLAT Head                                 WEDGE Style

This is a FLAT Head design with double painted eyes, a MUSTAD Ultra Point hook, a 90 degree angle, Aberdeen style and it comes in 1/4oz., 3/8oz., 1/2oz., 5/8oz., and 3/4oz.  You can select the   jig head with a Bronze or Red hook and your price is only $1.35 each!  Stinger hooks can be added for an additional 15 cents each.  The WEDGE Style  comes in 1/8oz., 1/4oz., 3/8oz., and 1/2oz.

Walleye Jig Hair Colors come in; White, Yellow, Chartreuse, Purple, Black, Brown, Perch, Sand-pike or in any 2 color combination of your choice.  Please call me for any special custom color requests.

Lake Trout Jigs


          1oz. ROUND head            1oz.ERIE Stand-up head                  1&1/2oz. FISH Head              ARROWHEAD Trout

These are available in Unpainted lead, White & Chartreuse as well as Red, Yellow & Orange colors with eyes. These jig heads are priced at only $1.00 each.


If you’re new to jig fishing or even if after you’ve reviewed my assortment and you’re still somewhat confused over which jigs to purchase, you may want to try my “Starter Packs”.

If you’re anything like me, you may want to get your hands on a few jigs before you commit to larger volumes.  You can purchase a six (6) piece Starter Pack or a twelve (12) piece Starter Pack of my best selling combinations as your entry into jig fishing.

The six (6) piece JIG Starter Pack is $10.00, plus $5.95 for shipping & handling and the twelve (12) piece JIG Starter Pack is $20.00, plus $5.95 for shipping & handling.  

The identical ten (10) & twenty (20) piece Starter Packs are ALSO available for the TROUT HEADS, at the same $10.00 and $20.00 Starter Pack rates (plus $5.95 for shipping & handling).